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kittywildcat / Aug 06, 2013


YES GUYS!we’ve done it LVL 10! Thank you to everyone for all your contribution we could not have done it without everyone’s corporation. From this point on we can only move forward and make the guild even better.thank you all again

just a few updates since we last updated:
RECENTLY: PWE is having a summer art competition for those interested feel free to join in and get yourself a scuba set of your choice ^^ more info here

in later news for all those who haven’t been around for a while:

yes meilin and roselle are now free! So if u always wanted to make one but couldn’t afford it then this is your chance ^^ ALSO if you didn’t know Leila and Edgar are also free!!!all characters free for your enjoyment!


yup you can now get a momo in game and his little family as well
NB:(just a side note you can get lulu in a quest at lvl 36 and also coco and lulu dnt pick up items from my experience only momo picks up items)
so you can get your little friend in the shopping district

just a little side note on dmv the drop rates are more plate and chain friendly usually its 1 random armor a run but sadly they now take keys to enter dmv but no worries its only 1 key to go in,just a reminder you can farm clovis of vally(dmv) and clovis of alter(alter) from blood modes from cathedral gate 2 (usually QLabs+)and also in barracks (opera house and gallery) happy hunting guys ^^
again im sorry for the lateness ;)
kittywildcat / Aug 06, 2013

Rusty Hearts Patch Notes 1/31

Take a look at what we've added to the game and fixed in the latest patch to Rusty Hearts.

New Items: Brand new Winter Fashion added to the Cash Shop.

Price Changes: Halloween costumes have been discounted.

Updated localization- Miscellaneous translation updates.

Events- New event (Winter Wonderland) added.

1. New skills added for each focus:
• New skills for each focus
• Sword – Bat Dash
• Axe – Lunge Attack
• Twin Swords – Spin Attack
• Magic Sword – Counter Attack
• Scythe – Arctic Breeze
• Glaive – Glaive Spin
• Gauntlet – Rising Kick
• Claw – Down-Force Strike
• Demon Hands – Backstep Charge
• Revolver – Crashing Fire
• Musket – Sliding Attack
• Weapon Bag – Electric Line
2. Fixed Angela's Sandstorm and now petrifies enemies properly.

UI: Dungeon Map Interface:
• The Dungeon selection tab is now correctly populated
• The Conservatory dungeon correctly appears in the right dungeon group

PVP: The PVP Room Invite menu now has Choice Invite functionality

1. Roselle now has an animation for her "Delight" action.
2. Meilin Chen and Roselle are now free and available to play for everyone.

Graphic: Pets now follow players when viewed from another players screen.

Cash Shop: Bonus items purchased now appear in the Cash Box and won't require relogging to view the items.

Rusty Hearts Patch Notes for 4/11
Take a look at what we've added to the game and fixed in the latest patch to Rusty Hearts
• All the holiday events have been removed and the snow in Bramunez has melted away.
Cash Shop:
• New Costumes: A variety of brand new costumes have been added to the Cash Shop.
• Removed cash shop items: Inuit and Halloween costumes, as well as the Meilin and Roselle creation items have been removed.
• Account Storage: Located in My Room, a new tab within the Personal Storage box where players can put items that they can access using any character on that account.
New Gear:
• Ice and Glacial PvP Gear: Players can purchase new weapons with PvP points from Joheim and new armor with Arena points from Gorgon.
New Items in Henry's Miscellaneous Store:

• Gem Extractor: Used on items that have gems in them. DESTROYS the item and does one of the following
o Extract the gem perfectly.
o Extract it but changes it's stats.
o Not Extract it at all.

• Party Revival Scroll: Can be used to revive a dead player in your party.

• Single Entrance Ticket to Toy Tower: Key to a new Training Hall dungeon. This item is currently available in the store but the Toy Tower training hall will not be accessible in this patch. Please refrain from purchasing this item from Henry.
New Clovis Requirements:

• Clovis of Altar: Required for the Altar raid. Drops from Blood Mode Quarantined Labs, Debtor's Prison, and Arboretum.

• Clovis of the Valley: Required for the Dead Man's Valley raid. Drops from Blood Mode The Hole, Top Secret Facility, Opera House, and Gallery.
• Castle of Mist's: Required for an unreleased 3rd raid dungeon. Drops from Blood Mode Ramparts, Catwalks, Aquarium, and Altar Entrance. This item is currently available but will have no use until the 3rd raid dungeon becomes available in a later patch.
Bug Fixes:

• Various localization updates and changes.
Known Issue:

• If you attempt to enter Dead Man’s Valley while someone in your party doesn’t have the required clovis (Clovis of the Valley), a waiting message box will appear and everyone in the expedition will be unable to do anything but move their character. To fix this, the expedition leader has to walk out of the building with the portal to DMV, and then go back in. (This is an issue that will be addressed in a later patch.)
RoyalDoucheBag / Jul 16, 2012

After months of anticipation PWE announced an expansion that will be released July 24th 2012. Rusty Hearts: Reborn will be filled to the brim with new content, updates, tweaks and more!
more info: {HERE}

Watch a Sneak Peak:

Misfits is very close to achieving Lvl 7 as a guild...Kudos all around :B

I predict we will hit that mark when the expansion is released,with everyone comming back to try out the new weapon focus. Hopefully they also extend the current level cap as well, expect to see some GXP events soon around that time. We will always find ways to let you have some friendly competition and win some sweet prizes :3

As usual with all the space we currently have:
-Misfits will now allow maximum of 1 ALT per person.(temporary)
-Misfits will go back to the
open app system.

Don’t forget there are some NEW Guidelines for all of you to gaze upon and agree/disagree too. If you haven't already, Go ahead and let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions shoot those our way as well..
link: {HERE}

The rules for the Guild Warehouse set-up by tifa
link is {HERE}

That Should be it for now..

As always Happy Gaming,

RoyalDoucheBag / Jul 09, 2012

Hello ladies and gents,

Its been an even LONGER while....However once again I am here to bring you the news on all that Rusty Hearts has to Offer. Things have been very slow for Misfits, the Rusty Hearts community and player base gets thinner each day. Though it may not seem as if most of us are in-game, the Majority of us are just hanging out on Raidcall till we see some content. Make sure you get well acquainted with everyone and don't forget to Download Raidcall and join us.(info below)

Lets Check out whats happened so far...

Applications are Currently OPEN

We might see some 'Bone Dragon Pets' soon, and look Forward to Episode 7 of the RH Show on youtube. We might just be mentioned :B

Feel free to ask or msg officers on here or Raidcall if you have any questions,

Thanks for Reading,