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Welcome Everyone,
Here are the Official Misfits Guidelines
Most of you have seen this before however this time around a group of Officers have sat down and looked at everything very closely and with our combined efforts have deemed the following worthy as a Guide to show you what we expect of you all.

Please Read the Following:

    Do not be a douchebag.
  • No flaming, raging, spamming, harassing, scamming, drama-mongering, hacking, or cheating.

    Do not (publicly) bash other guilds or players.
  • We want to maintain a friendly level of diplomacy between ourselves, the other guilds and players within the game. Even when provoked just be the bigger person and don't troll. If you are caught doing this, depending on the severity, you may be removed from the guild.

    Do not divulge private guild and member information.
  • Anything on our forums that is not within the "Public boards" or on the event calendar is considered private guild-only information. If you reveal this to the public, we may remove you without a warning depending on the severity. This applies very heavily to guild members personal information (Real name, age, location, etc.).

    Respect your officers.
  • This is a simple enough request. We don't expect you to worship the admins of the guild, but you need to respect their requests and judgment.

    Earn your Merits
  • Do not ask to become an officer. You can ask what is required to become one, but if you ask/beg/bribe or otherwise nag to try and get a higher rank, you will more likely than not be removed from our consideration of ranking up.

    Do not double-guild.
  • If you are in Misfits, we expect you to be a Misfit. We don't want our members splitting their loyalty between two guilds. If you have an alt, feel free to make your own guild for storage if you want. Do not join another independent guild on an alt without talking to an officer first if it's a special case (Ex.: It's your friends guild, it's a storage guild, etc.). You can additionally swap your slot in the guild with your alt. (It's a simple enough process. Drop your GXP off, leave the guild on your main, and re-join on your alt. Best to do this when an officer is on to make it quick. You can easily swap back to your main when you're done.)

    Use some common sense.
  • In general, just act like an adult and try not to be a complete jerk.

    Guild Site/Forums
  • As you all may or may not know we have a beautiful site with working forums for everyone to use as a great resource of information. Feel free to post to your hearts content, and abuse the snot out of our resources. we have plenty of Guides, Tips, Pictures, and all kinds of information available EXCLUSIVELY to Misfit Members.

  • As far as Guild Experience(GXP) is concerned ALL we ask is for you to turn in what you have at the end of the day. No need to horde up a lot of GXP and make us think you do nothing, we like to see our members being active and GXP is one of the many ways to show it.

  • In the Guild, we have Officers who are here to help and were chosen specifically to do so, feel free to Message/Mail them on the forums if you need help. However keep in mind they want to play the game too ;)
  • Our officer list and their duties are {here} for your reference.

  • Raidcall is a program we all use to communicate with other guild members using headsets and microphones. So if you don't have it yet, we highly recommend it, there are about 5-15 people on at all times and in my opinion it just a better way to get to know everyone and have a great gameplay experience.
  • You can download it {here}.

    Ninja Vanish!!
  • If you are planning on leaving the game for any long period of time, just let us know. This way we don't presume you dead or possibly imagine you in a situation where you have fallen and couldn't get back up...
  • At any rate, you should post in the In-Activity/Vacation forum. If it becomes a problem we will kick you "in-game" However you can still access the forums and let us know when you get back.

With all that said,
We are trying to make a fresh start with Misfits and hope to bring you a better community that you can ALL continue to enjoy for a VERY long time, unless a Zombie outbreak happens or Wikipedia becomes self-aware...

Please take a moment to reply with:
"I have read and agree to the new terms" {HERE}

If you have any Concerns or Suggestions please feel free to Mail an Officer or GM prior to accepting our new guidelines.

Thanks for Reading,